Logging stack

This is just a quick post to summarize my thoughts on logging and monitoring. I have spent a bit of time now for my particular product at OpenTable to do logging and monitoring and I've quickly realized that it's a pretty deep topics.

I've included some resources below, mostly things that I've found helpful or seem interesting:

Source: Digital Ocean on ELK stack

Paid solutions for using StatsD:

  • There is a hosted Graphite / StatsD service that seems to have an affordable entry plan ($19/mo): https://www.hostedgraphite.com/hosted-statsd
  • Scout: https://scoutapp.com/signup

Paid solution for the "ELK" stack:

  • elastic, the company behind the three open-source projects of the ELK stack, has a SaaS offering for Elasticsearch (which can be tricky to operate especially as you scale): https://www.elastic.co/found/features